About The Mann

Mr. Mann is a highly seasoned and reliable Business Technology Analyst, with a superb client satisfaction record. Adept at interdepartmental coordination to maximize business functionality and efficiency. He is committed to train others, gain further professional development and research to ensure; creativity, innovation in management and solving trending problems. Mr. Mann is available to talk about prospecting opportunities in a corporate business analyst position.

A Mann Of Trades


• Entrepreneur of learning, creating and developing business models to adapt to growing trends
• Influencer in marketing, product branding, and promotions
• Analyzer of business development, corporate strategy, and proper marketing techniques


• Trained over 70% of DealerOn Client Support Staff
• HTML, Basic CSS, Agile, and Advanced CRM Proficiency, always trying to level up
• Enforce and ensure internal/external processes and demands are met for project completion


• Over 15 years of Experience
• Nature Through A Mann's Eyes
• Quick Draw: Nikon D5100 (Nikkor 60mm) in right hand, Sony A7RII (Sony 50mm) in left



University of Hartford, Barney School of Business
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies



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